Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation – automation of repetitive tasks previously performed by employees. The software works at the level of the user interface by mimicking its actions. It allows organizations to automate routine operational activities to improve quality, accelerate processes, reduce costs and free the workforce for more complex and ambitious tasks.

Economic and social benefits of RPA implementation

— Freeing up time of key employees
— Reduction / elimination of errors ERROR = COST
— Lowering costs
— Increase of revenues
— Improving the quality of customer service
— Providing services to the customer 24/7
— The possibility of providing services to the customer 24/7
— New creative ideas and innovations
— Less fatigue/burnout of employees
— Documenting the processes
— Process optimization

Candidates for robotization in the FA areas

Liabilities Department

— Entering purchase orders and deliveries
— Verification and registration of suppliers
— Supplier data management
— Receipt and classification of invoices
— Downloading and input of data from invoices
— Compare orders/invoices/delivery note
— Invoice encoding without orders
— Payment handling
— Arrangement of supplier lists


— Entering sales orders
— Entering customer data
— Data management
— Invoicing
— Debt collection
— Credit risk management
— Data management
— Receivables handling

General accounting

— Reconciliations of the General Ledger
— Inter-company settlements
— Posting of bank statements
— Manual journal entries
— Reclassification and correction of entries
— Accounting of fixed assets
— Closing billing periods

Financial planning and analysis

— Data collection for reports
— Preparation of reports and management reporting
— Types of reports:
— Balance sheet, spinner
— Profit and Loss Account
— Cash flow
— Deviation analysis
— Reports
— Statutory reports and reports required by the regulator

Examples of robotic processes and effects

ProcessCustomer% robotisationBenefits
Automation of order entryA large supplier of the automotive sector100%6 months ROI
100% accuracy
78% faster service
Credit memo serviceInternational Media House100%3 months ROI
100% reduction of manual work
60% shorter service time
Obligations service: combining invoices with ordersPharmaceutical company100%2 months ROI
90% shorter service time
25% reduction of manual work
Payment automationInsurance company70% increase in productivity
50% cost reduction
Issuing invoicesRecruitment company70%3 months ROI
70% increase in productivity
60% cost reduction

Examples of financial robotisation processes in Polish companies

  • Invoicing based on data from several systems
  • Introduction of invoices to the ERP system and their initial assignment (electronic invoices or read by OCR software)
  • General ledger account verification
  • Support for the debt collection process (verification of customer balances, sending payment requests and reminders)
  • Drawing and posting bank statements in the ERP system
  • Downloading financial reports, their processing and distribution
  • Verification and entry of non-paying contractors to KRD (National Debt Register)

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