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The Travel Office Management (TOM) booking system is a response to the needs of a travel agency – extremely fast, showing only current offers and intuitive in use.

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TOM is an innovative booking system designed for travel agencies whose priority is fast and professional customer service.

As a result of one search, the system presents the current offers of all tour operators cooperating with TOM. Additionally TOM enables efficient verification of the availability of alternative offers or a selected offer in a different configuration. The TOM system allows you to quickly prepare an offer for the customer in accordance with his preferences.

The application has been equipped with a special reporting module that allows for a comprehensive analysis of payments and office sales results.
The TOM multiagency system is a functional tool that allows you to significantly increase work efficiency and reduce the customer’s waiting time for an offer.

What makes the TOM system stand out is


— intuitive booking process,
— convenient and quick way to compare offers from various tour operators,
— easy handling of already made bookings,
— quick verification of the amount of reservations,
— convenient contact with the organizers by sending booking messages.


— data quality guarantee,
— always the current price and number of available places,
— unified hotel names.


— by 16 confirmed reservations in a moth the TOM searcher is free,
— the unused discount in one month is transferred to the next 12 months.


— online reservations,
— function that allows to remember repeating search criteria,
— clipboard of offers presented/sent to customers,
— creating your own, unique style of offerings for the website or for the client,
— group booking option (up to 9 rooms),
— “sniper”' function that allows you to track attractive offers blocked by pre-bookings
— checking prices for several families with one search,
— a quickly preparation of a transparent offer for the customer,
— sales reporting and payment control module,
— a quickly check the sales volume.