A comprehensive solution for the touroperator

BlueVendo is a modern, integrated booking software, backoffice and inventory system in one, intended for touroperators.

BlueVendo doesn’t require IT infrastructure from the customer’s side and is delivered on a SaaS basis. Works in any browser, mobile phone or desktop device. System updates are made automatically without the need for on-site installation.
BlueVendo ensures high security of personal and financial data, as well as compliance with applicable law. We process and store information only on the territory of the Republic of Poland on modern servers in a high-class data facility.

For whom?

  1. For touroperators starting their business.
  2. For small organizers who need a simple system with the most important functionalities.
  3. For all customers who want to check the system before opting for the advanced features of the Pro and Prestige versions.
  4. To simplify the trip price calculation, doing it directly in the system.
  1. For smaller and medium-sized touroperators on the market.
  2. For every touroperator who needs an easy-to-use system with advanced functionalities to facilitate everyday work.
  3. To simplify the trip price calculation, doing it directly in the system.
  4. For organizers who want the offer from the system to be available online on the website and in multi-agency systems (e.g. TOM, MerlinX)
  5. For organizers specializing in various types of trips, such as self-transport, coach trips, holidays by plane, ski trips, youth events, camps.
  1. For medium-sized touroperators and the largest players on the market.
  2. For the most demanding customers who need the most advanced functionalities to gain a market advantage.
  3. For touroperators who are looking for a tailor-made solution, so that the system is adjusted specifically to their needs.
  4. For organizers specializing in various types of trips such as self-transport, coach trips, exotic trips, ski, youth events, holidays by plane, incoming inbound tourism.
Packets comparison

Manage all your booking details from one place.

Możliwość Zmian
Possibility of Changes

Change the dates of stay and transport, type of transport, move participants between rooms

Płatności Online
Online Payments

Provide customers or agents with online payment for reservations

Dane Przelotów
Flight Data

Send flight hours confirmation in groups for all bookings for the selected flight

Dane Do Odprawy
Check-in Details

Send a request to the client for check-in details

Strefa Klienta
Customer panel

Customer area with access to their reservations


Stay in touch with your agent and client. The correspondence history will remain in the booking details

Rezerwacja Elastyczna
Flexible booking

Reservation without an offer. Allows to enter the name of the event manually or select an active object at a later stage

Dokumenty Podróży
Travel Documents

Ability to set shipping for different countries with different attachments


The possibility of automatic sending of questionnaires to each completed booking and analysis of the answers

One system, benefits for all departments of the company.

  • Access to the system from anywhere
  • Easy control of the work of all departments and agents
  • Enabling quick decisions
  • Save time and money
  • Access to the most up-to-date information in real time
  • Payments not entered manually
  • Automatic monitoring and blocking of agents
  • Profit and loss control
  • Currencies (automatic download of the average rate)
  • Sales and commission invoices
  • Advanced accounting reports
Grupowe zarządzanie
  • Loyalty program
  • Agent activity analysis
  • Ability to set sales targets for agents and rewards
  • Control of sales representatives
  • Mailings and newsletters
  • Sales reports
  • Survey functionality for the client / agent
Automatyczne wysyłki
  • Two advanced search engines (by flight and by hotel)
  • Possibility to filter reservations according to many different criteria and export the reservation list
  • Allotment preview
  • Advanced booking management – the ability to change hotel, transport, components
  • Complaints module
  • Group reservation management – the ability to add a component, send a message to multiple reservations at the same time
Zaawansowane możliwości transportu
  • An extensive transport section with the possibility of shifting airplanes, coaches with local transport and mixed transport (plane + coach)
  • Group of trips: quick and convenient possibility to change many parameters on any tour group.
  • Most of the offer elements can be copied between and within seasons
  • Possibility to create various system roles with appropriate authorizations giving access to the system, e.g. to residents
  • The ability to independently set the costs of cancellation, resign insurance amount, option validity, the amount of advances without programmers interference
  • The possibility of creating sales brands – two different products in one system, the possibility of dividing exports into e.g. two websites
  • Advanced price and promotion management
  • Automatic dispatch of insurance letters, reminders, monits etc.

The organizers appreciate BlueVendo for modern and comprehensive solutions that facilitate the work of the entire structure of the company.

The most appreciated functionalities include:

Price calculation

Prices at BlueVendo are based on cost, touroperator's margin, and commission calculation.
Thanks to this, it is possible to set margins and commission calculation in division by country, region and even a particular component of the offer.
We also have ready solutions for the touroperator to introduce price reductions, discounts or price supplements.

Group Changes

At BlueVendo, we know how important it is to work quickly and comfortably with the system, therefore, observing the needs of touroperators, we constantly develop individual functionalities and add new solutions.
In order to facilitate the daily work with the tourism offer, we have introduced the possibility of group booking management, group changes. to individual trips and offers.

Dynamic packing

Discover all the benefits of dynamic prepackaging. Lower the risk, add new destinations, automatically make reservations with contractors.

BlueVendo CMS tablet

Find out more about the impact BlueVendo can have on your business. Order free access to the system without signing a contract or obligations.