Optical Character Recognition

Optical Character Recognition

Intelligent recognition and digitization of invoices and the content of other paper documents

Digitization of documents is an initial stage aimed at preparing an appropriate form of a document, enabling further use of the information contained therein. However, the scanned document allows only the display of data on the screen, it does not improve the analysis or use of the data contained therein in further processes or systems.

The solution to this problem is to apply automation using the optical character recognition method OCR. Intelligent content recognition from invoices or other paper documents enables smooth delivery of data to users’ systems and improvement of business processes.

Economic and social benefits of implementing OCR

— Free time of key employees
— Reduction / elimination of errors ERROR = COST
— Lowering costs
— Increase of revenues
— Greater business independence in automation
— New creative ideas and innovations
— Less employee fatigue / burnout
— Documenting the processes
— Process optimization

OCR - Abby Flexi Capture for Invoice

— Processing of structured and partially unstructured documents
— Multi-channel input of invoices - e-mail, fax, scanning, mobile, internet
— Document classification based on image and content classifiers
— Advanced data extraction methods
— Machine Learning elements
— Simple integration with ERP systems and financial applications

BlueVendo is Abbyy's
Certified Solution Partner

Sample documents, semi-structured, without permanent forms

— Invoices and proof of delivery
— Financial Statements
— Order forms
— International consignment notes

ABBY Flexi Capture for Invoice

ABBYY identifies and extracts the data from the corresponding fields on the invoice. In addition to mapping to an order, it supports country-specific validation rules and assigns invoices to master data.

Examples of automated financial processes with OCR in Poland:

  • Invoicing based on data from several systems
  • Entering invoices to the ERP system and their initial assignment (electronic invoices or invoices read by OCR software)
  • Verification of ledger accounts
  • Support for the debt collection process (verification of customer balances, sending payment requests and reminders)
  • Borrowing and posting bank statements in the ERP system
  • Downloading financial reports, their processing and distribution
  • Verification and entering non-paying contractors into the KRD

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